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Services Offered


  • Drill Night - we come to you on your departments drill night and teach topics that you pick!

  • Arriving Minutes - A Live fire class that focuses on the first few minutes of responders arriving on scene. Can be focused on either truck or engine ops.

  • Fireman 5 - our flagship course promoting the "5" skills that we believe every firefighter should master.

  • Fireman's Fire Ground - a lecture going over the culture of the firehouse and how to improve it. 

  • Side Charlie Engine Ops - This 16-hour course is designed to cover all aspects of operated in the rear of a structure as the engine company. 


Hose Evals and Attack Package Consultation

  • We provide personalized consultations to optimize your department's attack packages and conduct thorough hose evaluations to ensure efficiency and safety in firefighting operations.

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